Sunday, August 26, 2012

A focus on Henry and Michelle Roth new Styles arriving soon

This is just a sample of some of the new and innovative styles arriving from Henry and Michelle Roth. We encourage you to visit their website to see how this couture bridal line is the leader of innovation. We are proudly selected as the only bridal boutique in Canada to carry the collection exclusive!

The signature approach is real, refreshingly different. This contains the most up to date Henry Roth collection wedding gowns that are current. We are anything but Cookie Cutter. We are here to inspire, ignite your dreams and make them happen in a Henry Roth gown.
Henry Roth is inspired, designed and created by brother and sister team Henry Roth and Michelle Roth. Three generations of family bridal designers create a depth, feeling, pride and passion. We are family and family is the brand.

Abigail - View 1Abigail - View 2Adeline - View 1Adeline - View 2Alberta - View 1Alberta - View 2Alexa - View 1Alexa - View 2Alexi - View 1Alexi - View 2Alicia - View 1Alicia - View 2Amanda - View 1Amanda - View 2Annette - View 1Annette - View 2Anthea - View 1Anthea - View 2Kalea - View 1Kalea - View 2Kelsey - View 1Kelsey - View 2

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